JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Pretty purple

Yeah, I know I didn't NEED it (for a certain value of "need"), but a decent purple is one colour that seems to be hard to find in the yarn world (well, once you eliminate all the cheap acrylic and other nasty plastic stuff) ... even yarns that feature other shades in vivid tones tend to have lilac or lavender as their "purple" ... nice enough in their own way, but I'm not a pastels type of person.

And so when Elann.com had this lovely stuff on sale, 'twas essential to pounce on it. 'cause I'm still hung up on having that Cables After Whiskey sweater in some form of purple ... someday. (have to do the math to see if the 2000 metres I've acquired would be enough)

Tags: knitting

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