JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Another item off the to-do list (practically)

Mom's socks all done except for the grafting (purchased socks have a seam across the top of the toes, handmade socks have the final loops off the needles grafted together to look like continuous stitching right 'round the toes) ... will tackle that some evening this week.

Today's knitting blitz was accomplished while watching Open All Hours for the first time ... what a wonderful series! And such fun seeing Sir David Jason as a young man with a mop of curly hair and so baby-faced, even in his mid-thirties, that one really feels he should be garbed in a velvet sailor suit.

Also squeezed in some very interesting reading recently: Turner and Antón's Evolving Eden : an Illustrated Guide to the Evolution of the African Large Mammal Fauna is one of those rarities that's a joy to discover ... a scholarly book that is also pleasantly readable. And 'twas fascinating to get away from North American/European-centric palaeontology and read a book that ignores the usual done-to-death mammoths, cave bears and ground sloths, and focuses entirely on what evolved on a very different continent.
Tags: knitting, reading, viewing

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