JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Snow is coming down outside ...

... some of it straight down, some of it sideways, some in whirling mini-maelstroms. That variety in fall pattern, along with the tree movement, means there's some interesting wind going on out there and I'm very glad I don't HAVE to go out in it (have food, don't have to go to work).

A good day to listen to episode after episode of The Goon Show and make progress on cozy knitted things. Speaking of progress, my stripy socks are nearing the start-the-heel mark, Mom's socks are on diamond #7 (need 9 for each sock) and are going faster now that half the stitches are plain stockinette on the sole of the foot instead of 100% patterned. And, just for fun, a post-laundry portrait of my completed sock family so far ... 5 pairs, or, enough to get me through one chilly work week with toasty toes! (and, oh!, the difference between wearing the ones I made or the ones a machine made is VERY noticeable when it's nippy outside)

EDIT: As I posted, I got a phone call regarding going out for late breakfast ... B.C.-style Eggs Benedict (or B.C. Bennies as the restaurant calls 'em) and red-onion-saturated fried potatoes are something I have difficulty saying no to. Glad my warm socks are all clean! Goon Show and knitting when I get back!
Tags: knitting, silliness

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