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Recommended reading ...

Just finished "The Gumshoe, the Witch and the Virtual Corpse" and have resolved to get my hands on the sequel no matter HOW many people I have to kill! Definitely something in it for everyone: a gay detective, dominatrix bodyguard, transvestite Cherokee wise "woman", geeky computer nerd teenagers who secretly publish a sex comic featuring the principal, homicidal fundamentalist televangelist, Ozzie and Harriet-style Wiccan family, insanely gifted artist, hardboiled female police detective ... and much much more! And all set in 21st century Atlanta, Georgia.

Plus some great "predictions" of future history ... some already disproven (such as Captain Janeway being killed off and 7 of 9 being in charge of Voyager for the last five episodes ***grin***). But ... Charlton Heston and Sylvestor Stallone as past presidents of the U.S.? The world nearly going up in flames the day Madonna was assassinated? People buying genetic material from Tom Cruise's estate in the hope that their modified child will grow up with the looks and the talent?

Anyway, a highly recommended read if you can find it (I know the author's page says that you have to buy direct from him, due to a disagreement with his publisher, but Amazon.ca managed to supply my copy ... mebbe Canada is immune to the disagreement). As a mystery ... well I figgered out what was happening and who was doing it well before the end. But I think the reader is supposed to ... the entertainment is watching how the individual characters (there are about nine of 'em treating you to their POV) get there. And there IS one interesting little twist to the motivations of one ...
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