JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Just checking that I did it right (before I do it again)

Bought two packages of Knorr Placki ziemniaczane (potato pancakes) at the Polish Deli today, since the results of the one I sampled over the holidays were so tasty. Managed to puzzle out the directions with the help of an online Polish-to-English translation site (because I wanted to make and eat them that moment), but, before next time, just thought I'd ensure that I hadn't missed a detail that would make them even better.

And so, if the lovely sealwhiskers has a moment ... pretty please?

1. Zawartość opakowania dokładnie wymieszaj z 0,5 l zimnej wody, dodaj jajko i ponownie wymieszaj. Odstaw na 10 minut.

2. Ciasto nakładaj łyźką na rozgrzany na patelni olej.

3. Placki obsmaź z obu stron na złotobrązowy kolor.

I made mine with 2 cups of water plus a little more added until I thought the texture was right, 2 eggs instead of 1 because I like eggy potato pancakes, and a generous amount of dried chives because I like those too. Let the mixture rest to ensure moisture all properly absorbed. Fried in butter instead of oil (again, personal preference) until golden brown and ate piping hot with maple syrup. Yum!!!
Tags: food

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