JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Into the woods ...

Another book has been rescued from the to-read pile and greatly enjoyed ... this time it was Bill Willingham's prose spin-off from his Fables comic book series, Peter & Max. Absolutely delicious ... Willingham has now proved that he writes just as well without pictures as he does with them (not that Steve Leialoha's illustrations weren't a welcome addition to the book, but they were icing on the cake, not an essential ingredient). Peter & Max are brothers who, in a time of invasion, conquest, and war, make their separate ways in a chaotic world ... one clinging to his innate goodness and ability to love, no matter what he's forced to do to survive, and the other embracing self-serving and -centred evil and murder ... until they meet for a final confrontation which only one can survive. And of course, this being Willingham's "Fables" universe, the brothers are both characters we know well ... or think we do, anyway. Peter is Peter Piper of the tongue-twister involving pickled peppers and Max is better known as The Pied Piper.

Excellent both as a stand-alone tale not requiring any prior knowledge of the series and as a side-tale to the main "Fables" saga.
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