JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

In other reading ...

Have almost forgotten to mention ... at some point over my vacation, I read the first two volumes of Ōoku. I've taken stabs at various manga titles since I started cataloguing the public library's graphics collections (on the basis that a cataloguer should have some knowledge, etc.) and, frankly, so far I've always found them boring or unreadable or just not my type of fiction (gooey romance, etc.). "Ōoku", however, was unputdownable ... well-thought-out plot, deep characters, and a fascinating premise that jigsaws itself neatly into known history. The use of English archaisms and dialect in the translation to approximate the Japanese language's own variations is a nicely authentic touch that makes the tale even richer.

I shall be eagerly watching for the publication of volume three of this series ... and for other titles by Fumi Yoshinaga.
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