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Screw knitting ... today belonged to reading The Cavalier in the Yellow Doublet, the latest English translation in Arturo Pérez-Reverte's Captain Alatriste series, which has been sitting patiently in my to-read pile for far too long. And oh, what a treat it was ... less philosophizing than the previous books (well, maybe not less, but more broken up and scattered this time, and I don't think even Pérez-Reverte himself could ever match his own gripping passage from "The Sun Over Breda"), but packed with conspiracy and action from beginning to end, including the return of Italian killer-for-hire Gualterio Malatesta and the fanatical Fray Emilio Bocanegra of the Inquisition, plus an escalation of Iñigo's relationship with Angélica de Alquézar (who is, of course, involved in the whole mess up to her pretty eyebrows).

And the Captain himself, being taller than Angélica and thus having his eyebrows further off the ground, is in it even deeper. This being the case, and because I didn't find a good "deep" quote, I give you something from the Captain's own train of thought:

"What a grubby way to die, sitting in the mud, tied hand and foot, his throat slit like a pig's, and with a long future ahead of him in the history books as an exemplary regicide. Shit."

P.S. Milladoiro's "Galicia No Tempo" CD is perfect background music for Alatriste-reading.
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