JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A very good day ...

... combining lots of walking (which compensates for a couple of days spent on the couch in the company of good reading/viewing/listening and knitting needles/yarn) and doing my bit to support local business. Went up to 17th Avenue SW, once the home of tons of beautifully junky secondhand and antique shops 'til it got yuppified, but there's still a few good haunts among the boutiques and trendy coffee bars. Visited Pudding Yarn for the first time, mainly 'cause they sell the legendary Koigu and I wanted to at least see what the stuff looked like. Guess I'm the wrong kind of knitter 'cause I was underwhelmed ... pretty colours and nice quality, yes, but so are a lot of other yarns that don't required taking out a mortgage to purchase. Did buy two skeins of Colinette Jitterbug in the Tapis colourway (hey, it turned they were having a seasonal 20% off sale and it's a colour of Jitterbug that my regular shop doesn't carry ... Jitterbug is very fine quality Welsh merino wool that feels more like satin than something shaved off a sheep ... one doesn't pass it up when it's on sale)

Then off to Megatunes ... a famed independent music store that still stocks vinyl alongside the CDs ... there I scored copies of the late Ali Farka Touré's Savane and Tinariwen's newest release, "Imidiwan: Companions" (yep, I'm still hooked on Malian music)

Next stop, the #2 Fair's Fair bookshop, where I acquired two Ngaio Marsh mysteries I'd not read before (Spinsters in Jeopardy and Died in the Wool), plus what looks to be a fascinating archaeological/anthropological volume on death and funeral customs: The Buried Soul, by Timothy Taylor (when I pull a book off the shelf, flip it open at random, and find myself reading an Arab trader's 921 AD account of a Viking Rus chieftain's funeral ceremony he witnessed during a northern expedition, I know I've got my hands on something good).

After my stroll from one end of the 17th Avenue shop district and back again, I hiked down 4th Street (another once-filled-with-nifty-shops district that now seems to have become mostly restaurants closed for renovations) to Elbow Drive, picked up a few groceries, and then caught the bus homewards.

Had contemplated finally attending Knitting Night in Canada up in Kensington this evening, but after reading the ghastly reviews of the café that the gatherings have just been relocated to, I kinda lost my enthusiasm (plus I'm wondering just what they do that they've had to switch venues twice recently ... thinking I'll wait for one of the city's other knitting groups to announce their first post-holiday meet date instead)

Must try to get up to Inglewood this week ... that's where all the really neato junk shops migrated when the 17th Ave. yuppification happened ... and see if anything's open (last time I was up there, on a Saturday, virtually all the stores were closed, even though their hours signs said they should be open ... most puzzling). We shall see ...

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