JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

The phases of yarn ...

One of those rare occasions when I actually have the same yarn in all its different forms at the same time ... while a solid-coloured fibre's appearance is predictable, anything variegated is likely to look very different in each of its forms (a common complaint among knitters is that they chose a yarn based on how pretty the skein looked, but don't like how it looks knitted ... fortunately I expect and like the scattered appearance of variegated yarn when it's knitted)

Photo #2 is closer to true colour than #1 ... in RL the green has a warmer slightly mossy tone to it. Can't wait until I once again have a decent amount (and quality) of daylight to photograph by. ;p

Counterclockwise from upper right: The same yarn in the skein, wound into a ball, and knitted up. There are really scary knitters who will do the math to make the colours line up in a knitted piece the way they do in the skein/hank, so that solid blocks of colour are formed instead of random scatterings ... I'm definitely NOT one of those knitters

Efficient use of home furnishings ... skein untwisted and resulting hank ready to be wound into a ball (knitting directly from a hank is a quick and effective way way to turn yarn into a nasty tangle that makes the Stygian Knot look like a simple shoelace bow.

Tags: knitting

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