JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Snow day!

Really serious snow day as in storm warning issued by Environment Canada and work sent us all home two hours early. People who went home even earlier have to make up the hours for the portion of the workday they missed while those of us who stayed until the official go-home do not ... it pays to wait and have faith that the bosses really DON'T want to have to go through that whole time-consuming advertising and interviewing and training to replace people. ***GRIN***

Visibility isn't particularly bad but the snow (and there's a lot of it already) is that dry, talc-like stuff that slides over itself like greased silicon pellets rather than packing down, and this city's snow-clearance policy consists of "it'll all disappear when it chinooks" ... in other words, virtually no plowing and a love of sprinkling sand here and there on top of the snow once it stops falling instead of during to put down a gritty surface for tires to grip. Add in the problem that everybody who owns a vehicle that is shown climbing mountains in commercials thinks they can drive as if it's summer and ... well, I'm sure you've seen idiots-behind-the-wheel in action where you live too. :-(

This is why I ordered pizza and salads last night, while all was clear and calm (I see no point in endangering delivery drivers unnecessarily). Plus fridge, freezer and cupboards are well stocked, as this may go on all weekend.

P.S. Re the computer virus warning yesterday ... I've added an update edit to that post.

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