JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

New to the stash

AKA someday I really will just buy the needles I need and nothing more ...

The dark red/blue is Peruvian ... a superwash wool and alpaca blend that's indescribably silky soft. I'm pretty sure I'll be heading back this weekend to buy the other two skeins that were in stock (if I'd gone to the bank BEFORE the yarn shop, I'd have known that my balance was far higher than I thought it was and that it was fine to splurge all the way) .. what I have is enough to make a close-fitting sweater with very little margin for error and I'd prefer the option of an oversize cuddly garment.

I have no idea what this sock yarn (German superwash wool) is going to look like knitted up ... all the photos of finished socks I've found are for solid or self-striping versions of this yarn (I suspect it'll be a tweedy gradual colour change from the look of it).

Tags: knitting

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