JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

The payoff for learning to knit my own socks ...

I just walked home from work through a couple of inches of snow**, with more coming down, and wearing my black maryjanes and my gansey socks. My feet arrived warm and dry ... well, actually HOT and dry. Almost too hot. Snow landing on top of the socks did not melt/penetrate the wool and get to my feet. I have enough of the yarn to make two more pairs of these and that is definitely going to happen.

**We were only supposed to get a few light flurries this afternoon, not all this. Have had several moments in the last half hour when I could barely see the buildings on the other side of the courtyard, but that could just be the enclosed space swirly effect rather than worsening conditions. On the more depressing side ... I could hear sirens almost continuously for the entire 22-minutes it took me to get from point A to point B, and after a whole minute without them from 5:01 to 5:02 p.m., I can now just barely hear another off in the distance. The really depressing part is that most of the racket was coming from the direction of Chinook Mall (the largest mall in the city, situated in the middle of the most badly designed series of intersections a city could possibly build, including a 5-way where two major multilanes cross) ... which means that people determined to shop no matter how bad the weather are most likely the ones endangering everybody else. ***sigh*** (and that's why I elected to walk home rather than bother standing at the bus stop ... my bus has to get through the main Chinook intersection before it can get to me, so there's strong odds I'd STILL be waiting)

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