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News for fellow Farscape geeks

No dears, the show isn't coming back. But if you don't own it on DVD and have regretted missing out on getting it, A&E has acquired the DVD distribution rights and on Nov. 17, 2009, they re-released the show in the form of this little gem. (don't know if the American Amazon is offering this bargain price, but if I didn't already own the complete Farscape in the ADV edition, I'd be snapping this sucker up in a second)

I've checked the A&E site for more details and looks as if this set includes most of the extras that were on the ADV edition (so all the interviews, outtakes, etc.). It doesn't include "The Peacekeeper Wars", but that was packaged and sold by a different company from the rest of the series and is still available from them (oh my ... now only $9.95 at Amazon.ca!)

P.S. A&E is also selling the new release of Farscape in single season packages ... Amazon.ca lists them at $44.45 apiece, so right now getting the whole shebang at once is definitely the better deal.
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