JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

"Beaucoup de loot"

... to quote Eartha Kitt. ;-) Tonight after work was our annual Friends & Family Sale (where staff & their invited guests get 45% off list price for just about everything in our showrooms) and I did find a few treasures. Awfully glad I didn't postpone purchasing the new "Last Chance to See" until tonight, though, 'cause there weren't any copies left (it was just as good a read as the original, BTW)

The to-read pile gains:

Ngaio Marsh : her life in crime, by Joanne Drayton. The life of one of my favourite mystery authors ... a New Zealand-born contemporary of Agatha Christie and , IMO, far more skilled at whodunnits and at character development.

Flora mirabilis : how plants have shaped world knowledge, health, wealth, and beauty : an illustrated time line, by Catherine Herbert Howell. This is just plain purty, crammed as it is with botanical illustrations through history ... and the text looks fascinating too.

Halfway to Hollywood : diaries 1980-1988, by Michael Palin. Palin's first diary compilation was a fun read, so it's a good bet that this second volume will be the same.
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