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Recently there's been a slew of must-own books appearing at work ... and I've decided it's all B.'s fault. Used to be that the company's G.M. chose most of the non-children's books for the showrooms, but with company growth = growth of other tasks, a little over a year ago B. was hired to take over this part of her job. B. being a geek of the most cool variety, we now get all this really good, wallet-denting stuff that I used to have to discover and track down for myself ... damn him! ;p

Today's MUST-take-home is Mark Carwardine's Last Chance to See : in the Footsteps of Douglas Adams ... a sequel to the original Last Chance to See that he and Adams co-authored in 1990. Two decades later, Carwardine and Stephen Fry have retraced the original expedition, finding out what progress has been made (or not made) in the protection and conservation of the endangered species encountered in first set of journeys. The Adams/Carwardine trips were sponsored by the BBC and recorded to be broadcast as a radio series (which I've never heard, but would love to), while the Carwardine/Fry version has been filmed for BBC-TV (another future DVD to watch for). If you've not read the original book, seek it out! As far as I'm concerned it's definitely one of those titles that you MUST read before you die, and has received one of the finest compliments I've ever heard paid to any author's work ... a high school librarian I loaned it to said, on returning it, "If textbooks were written like that there'd be no such thing as dropouts."

EDITED TO ADD: Wow ... glad I took a moment to scroll through the Wikipedia entry for the original book/series ... the radio series is available on the new version's website! Must remember that for the weekend. And a second wow ... I'm also lucky enough to own the unexpurgated edition of the first book. ;-)
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