JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,


Rice cakes and Pichi-pichi acquired from the Loriz Bakery (formerly the Asian Bakery) on my way home from breakfast this morning. Had intended to treat myself last night but one glance in the door dissuaded me as the place was packed with the Friday-night-wiring-money-home crowd and people were lined up outside waiting to get in (Loriz is tiny ... maybe a little over twice the size of a standard apartment bathroom ... now imagine that with about thirty people crammed in, plus freezer & cooler units and loaded grocery shelves lining all walls and filling the centre to create 2 "aisles." Just wasn't worth trying to get in)

But I've got my treats now!

P.S. Yesterday's nasty fried fish "cloud" was gone today too. :-)
Tags: food

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