JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Today's mystery of the moment ...

... is why does the air in the parking lot of the shopping plaza across the street reek of cheap, greasy fish and chips? Restaurants in the place number four: one Chinese, one Vietnamese, one Irish pub/steak & ribs place, and one pizzeria. Other food venues are the Asian bakery and a coffee shop that also peddles a few pastries and sandwiches. Closest fish and chips place that I know of is a Joey's six long blocks south of here, the wind is blowing from the west, and it smells like GOOD fish and chips anyway, not only-change-the-fat-twice-a-year stuff.

Wonder if it's the police station cafeteria? (don't know if they have one, but somehow I can't imagine how it could be the shoe store, the bank, the drug store, the liquor store, the dental clinic, the bird seed/feeder shop, the tailor, the hairdresser, the dry cleaner, or the used book store)


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