JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Oh so cute!

Lizard socks! Have seen some lovely variations on these that folk have made ... some with an extra lizard on the leg, some with the lizard in variegated yarn on a solid background, some with a solid lizard on a variegated background.

But first have to finish current socks (3 different pairs on the go ... one gaudy plain & simple & quick going, the slow-going chocolate cables, plus am almost finished the second of a fiery pair started on double-pointed needles before I learned the 2-at-once trick) and the hooded scarf and, now that cool weather is here, get going again on the alpaca illusion jacket. If I finish all that, I get to start my purple Cables After Whiskey sweater.

If only sleeping, eating, and earning a living didn't cut into my hobby time I'd have all this done! ;p
Tags: knitting

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