JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,


Wow! Two issues in a row! The fall Vogue Knitting is once again mostly wearable-by-humans items rather than objects that give the impression that the designer was so overcome by technique (and possibly drugs) that they forgot what they were making. But some of the "WHY?" factor lingers on, even if in tamer form ... take a look at the third photo in the second row. Yep, a short-sleeved hoodie with fur trim. Ever so practical for maintaining the tan on your arms on those sunny frigid days. ;p There's also the mandatory snugly-fitted mini-poncho designed to flip up over your face if you raise your arms (second photo in the third row ... do not wear while driving), but other than that, the rest are ... clothes! Real clothes!

Gotta love the feedback effect of a massive online fibre arts community (Ravelry) that lets the world know exactly what kind of patterns are being made and which are being ignored ...

Okay ... Caesar salad & pizza just arrived so I no longer have to kill time in this shallow and frivolous way ... YUM!!!
Tags: knitting

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