JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Short weekend

Survived the annual mandatory working Saturday today (we get an extra day off between Xmas and New Year's in exchange for this) ... while a one-day weekend goes by far too quickly, a day of getting stuff done uninterrupted by phone calls and emails from clients and/or and sales reps (ours) is very rewarding ... barely even had any co-worker contact as everyone was in focused-on-getting-things-done mode ... very nice. Started and finished a hellbatch today (a cartful of single copies/problems/original cataloguing ... time-consuming, but the high-priced customer invoice it will end up as makes it all worthwhile) and also managed to squeeze in a ton o' authority updating (related to the hellbatch books) and made up a nice relaxing graphics batch set up to start on first thing Monday morning (mostly hardcovers, so another pretty invoice ... yay!)

Tomorrow's schedule is officially 100% goofing off. :-)

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