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A little reading catch-up

Not much of a dent made in the ol' to-read pile, but I've taken a tiny slice off the top this weekend.

Tom Sharpe's The Gropes was amusing ... to an experienced Sharpe reader like m'self the author's usual razor-edged-fangs approach to the blackest of black humour was definitely blunted, but I'll chalk that up to his now being 81 and having been quite ill recently. It was still a nice bit o' fluff for a Saturday afternoon with snow whirling about outside. But if you want the true Sharpe, more than living up to his surname and whose pages leave side-splittingly hilarious little trails of whimpering victims and blood on your brain, seek out his Wilt.

Kage Baker, however, was still very much her usual self with Or Else My Lady Keeps the Key, which turned out to be a direct sequel to a story about Morgan's sack of Panama that was published in her Dark Mondays anthology ... this one catches up with the protagonist of that tale, John James, on his return to Port Royal after the raid and drops him immediately into another piratical adventure. The title of the book comes from a very bawdy catch learned and sung by the characters halfway through the book ... yes, that's what kind of story it is. Kinda like Fraser's The Pyrates without the movie references. :-)

Of course these are immediately replaced on the pile by two special-ordered-through-work books that arrived on Friday: The Complete Ice Age, edited and partially written by Brian Fagan, and by Bill Willingham's Peter & Max (yes, "Fables" fans, he's gone beyond graphics to write the first NOVEL in this wonderful series!!!) ... either one of these is thicker than the two completed books together, so the stack is grown taller despite subtractions ...

So ... which to read next? (a dirty job, yes, but I'll force m'self ***GRIN***)
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