JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Yummy listening

Was cussing m'self last night as I realized that I'd missed listening to the week's instalment of Rigor Mortis. But BBC7 made it up to me ... not by letting me tune in past the expiry time, but by having the listings up for their Black History Month programming. It all looks good, but both Paterson Joseph AND Benjamin Zephaniah = my cup runneth over and my ears are anticipating aural heaven! Whether they're black, white or lime green and purple plaid is irrelevant ... these are two men who are great performers with five zillion times their own body weight in personality and talent and damn sexy voices (they're both very decorative too, but this IS radio ***GRIN***)

But for right now ... tuning in and listening to the new Rigor Mortis before that ep escapes me too.

P.S. Damn ... just read more carefully and Zephaniah isn't performing ... just writing. Will still have to listen, 'cause he's very good at storytelling in rhyme/rhythm.
Tags: listening

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