JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Especially for the coffee lovers

Went to IKEA today ... mainly just checking out the new lines 'cause we hadn't been out there for a while rather than any true shopping ... the only essential on my shopping list was lingonberry syrup. Right by the cash register in the food shop was a type of cookie I didn't recall seeing before, and I figured anything called "cappuccino thins" was worth trying (folks who know me well know that I have a personal rule that if I want cookies I should make them, so making this kind of purchase is an extremely rare event). My dears, these suckers ain't merely coffeeish, these are the very finest of fine brew in crispy form ... delicious!!! Bite into one and your tastebuds will be puzzled because they aren't hot and wet.

The most surprising part ... of course these days one checks the package of any excellent new product for a website, and right above this was the address of the maker. IKEA is selling Swedish-recipes cookies made in High River, Alberta ... a town just south of Calgary. Now this IS something to be proud of ... locally-made product makes the big time! (the original Anna's bakery is in Stockholm, High River is company bakery #2 and there are no others at the moment)

The cookies are made by Anna's of North America and they are available in the U.S. as well as Canada ... retailer map is on the site. Definitely well worth seeking out if there's a dealer in your neighbourhood.
Tags: food

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