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Minor happiness: visiting the local yarn shop because you suspect that you might run short of material for the Gansey socks currently on the needles (normally one skein = one sock for this particular brand, but I'm using smaller than normal needles for the proper Gansey thickness/sturdiness, which uses up yarn faster) and discovering that there's none left!!! In any colour!!! Only to be rescued by the store owner coming over to chat and revealing that it's all in a basket up front. On sale! But she doesn't think any of that colour is left. However investigation happily turns up skeins buried on the bottom of the basket that are correct colourway and dyelot.

I would have been really really annoyed at myself (for poor planning) if I'd run out of yarn a few rows short of finishing these. More than prepared now though, as I scored 4 more skeins (enough for two more pairs if the current yarn finishes the socks, or one more pair if it doesn't)
Tags: knitting

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