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Sock progress

The fancily-cabled chocolate socks haven't been forgotten ... it's just that I did plan to have a few pairs of wearable socks completed for winter and I can do ten rounds of any other pattern in the same time that it takes me to do one round of those ones. I'll get back to 'em. In the meantime, I'm getting close to the halfway point on these ...

They look somewhat different from the usual sock (note the nonribbed tops for one thing) ... this pattern is based on the construction techniques used for tradition ganseys. Along with the split garter stitch band instead of ribbing, the mock seam down the centre back, and the (right to left in the photo) diamond, ladder, and checkerboard stitch patterning, the heel is beginning to be built by basically taking the method used to make an underarm gusset and turning it inside-out to create a convex rather than concave shape (heel triangle is in lower left of each sock in the photo ... it's more visible in the righthand sock). The yarn's a little busy to really show the stitches well, but it was the only sock yarn of the correct weight that I had ... this stuff is thicker than the other yarns I've been using and the socks are squooshy, tight-knit-yet-stretchy, and firm-of-fabric, just like the original sweaters. Can't tell how they'll be in shoes until I get the feet knitted and do a try-out ... these may end up being reserved for wearing in boots on frigid days due to bulk. If you want a better view of the stitch patterning, the .pdf of the pattern with a lovely clear photo is here

And for those who liked the autumn socks, along with having enough of the skeins left to knit a second pair,

Looking forward to seeing how THIS turns out ...

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