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Got a little sidetracked from other projects ...

... by the acquisition of this oh-so-cool yarn called Zauberball Crazy:

Regular Zauberball contains multiple colours, each running in long stretches and then gradually fading into one another other. For Zauberball Crazy those same colours are spun together out of alignment ("marled" for those who want the techie term) so that the yarn features every possible paired combination of its colours in entirely random order ... so far I haven't been able to detect any predictable order of colour repeats ...

Amazing how much one can accomplish over a couple of lazy crisp fall days (finished down to and including heel cups ... the very base/back of the heel ... last night and finished turning heels this afternoon following getting some laundry and grocery shopping done). And I'm rather liking this whole nonsymmetrically matching socks thing that has become a trademark fashion of knitters (good thing too, as a matched pair is impossible with this particular yarn). :-)

Am now taking a break from the sticks and string before tackling the foot sections ... several chapters into The Little Stranger and accelerating ...
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