JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Happy feet

New shoes have passed their first workday with flying colours ... still comfy after a day of up, down and running around. Not surprising as these have the same interior padding that goes into the manufacturer's comstruction boots, but always good to confirm these things. Teensy bit stiff on the upper edge of the heel, but that's not uncommon and will soften up. Purchased because ... well, I really did need something and style chosen because if I'm gonna handknit socks then I want 'em seen!

And, now that basic black have worked out okay, comes the coin toss ... they're also available in light brown, red, and burgundy ... which to get next? (hey, I'm hard to fit ... I've learned that when I find something that is actually shaped like my feet, AND that I like, to stockpile 'em then because it might be years before I'm that lucky again)

Tags: clothes

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