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The Gumshoe is back!

For those who've always wanted a copy of their own, and for the lucky folk who still have reading it for the first time ahead of them, Keith Hartman has announced the republication of The Gumshoe, the Witch and the Virtual Corpse!!! Hopefully this means that "The Gumshoe Gorilla" will return to bookstores soon, and then ... dare we hope? ... he might treat fans to a volume three and more!

I now have a major urge to haul out and re-read my precious copies. ;-)

P.S. Sure glad I've got the poster for his someday-it'll-get-made vampire film saved as a userpic (see icon) ... that one's no longer included in Hartman's revamped webpage (a shame, since the script pages he shared were hilarious)
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