JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

For those with paid LJ accounts

There's a 3-day paid account extension on offer as an apology for recent downtime caused by a series of DDoS attacks, but you have to sign up for it ... info and sign-up link are here (Twitter, Facebook, and other similar sites were simultaneously attacked ... began August 6 and went on for several days ... so if you had some some panicky times when you couldn't get into anything, that's why)

I remember reading, long ago, a science fiction story about a computer-oriented future where the punishment for crimes wasn't jail ... instead your brain was altered so that you were incapable of operating or comprehending anything electronic and had to depend on the charity of others to do your banking, food ordering, communication, etc. Seems most appropriate for folk who have nothing better to do than mess up the system for everyone else ...

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