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E-Candy for the paranoid ...

For those who don't get the news, LJ is implementing a new "feature" called My Guest ... something that, IMO, caters solely to the paranoid control freak mentality. Personally I've opted to turn it off ... the notion of casual browsers or friends of friends coming across and reading my LJ without alarms going off doesn't bother me. Heck, I thought that was the whole point of LJ ... the pleasure of discovering new people and sometimes liking them enough to read more and even to Friend (while half the folk on my Friends list are from the old KEB days, the other half are wonderful new folk I've met here). Plus activating the thing would directly contradict my statement on my Profile that: "I don't require notification or asking permission if you want to friend me or read me ... for an hour, a day or forever. As long as you wipe the mud off your feet when you come in and put any litter in the appropriate recycling bin, you may come and go and comment-or-not as you please. :-)"

For the record, I've also always had the feature that notifies a user if somebody has friended or unfriended them turned off as well, so I only ever know who's out there on those rare occasions when I go into my profile to edit/update it. Sure, I get friended by folk I don't know ... they come and some go and some stay ... I figure it's a compliment that they're there and I also figure that anybody who wants to be noticed will start a conversation via comments.

But I can see all the people who spend their time dropping "please unfriend me" comments in other folks' journals (no, this hasn't happened to me but I've come across 'em frequently in other journals while surfing LJ interests) really loving this "My Guest" thing though ... and being kept awake all night by knowing that there are people who opted out and are oh noes looking at their very private "Friends Only" banner without alerting the guard dogs ... ***EVIL GRIN***

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