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I may have to go to this some year ... just for the novelty ;-)

Where Did You Think It Would Be

Progress ... heels are done and now it's all "downhill" to the toes now! I am officially in love with this sock pattern because of how the heel is constructed. Up until now I've been trying different "traditional" heels and I've found them a wee tad stressful ... having to keep track of multiple counts and to pick up stitches so that the sock doesn't end up with weak spots or holes (a royal pain) has meant having to find and make sacred a big block of weekend time so that I can do it all in one go without losing my place. This designer took a traditional padded-back heel (note that it doesn't look the heel on socks you buy in a store), deconstructed the usual construction method, and rebuilt it by re-engineering the necessary steps so that there's no picking up and very little counting. A heel I was actually able to stop in the middle of and resume a couple of days later without losing my place. And without any sacrifice of fit or strength. It was SO much easier! Between that and my deciding to learn to knit both socks at once, I'm actually going to have a completed pair! (One Sock Syndrome is an officially recognized knitting disease ***grin***)
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