JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Someday ...

... I'll make a Kauni sweater (for the non-yarnies, Kauni Effekts is a yarn famed for being dyed in very long runs of gradually changing multi-colours ... when you knit a design with two skeins of the same colourway, but start each skein at a different point in the colour rotation, you get the gorgeous effect shown in the photo)

A sampler of other Kauni variations:

The original Kauni sweater (the design that started the craze)

Kauni Damask (I've seen a different, more complexly-patterned Kauni Damask, but the only photos I know of are on Ravelry, which requires a membership to view. But just in case an R-member wanders by: Acipenser's Rainbow Baroque Cardigan)

Kauni SSSSweater

Kauni Venezia

Kauni Celtic and Kauni Celtic Spiral

Kauni before the needles attack it
Tags: knitting

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