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Gaudy sock progress

Just so you know I haven't been neglecting my needles entirely ... started on the heel-shaping stage of these last night (fronts of socks are facing the camera ... not enough heel done to look like a heel to non-knitterly eyes yet)

Have also set up and had my first pot of blueberry tea courtesy of new high-tech kettle (five-year service gift from work that I chose ... old kettle is TINY). The eagerly leaning forward shape was a little disconcerting, as I kept thinking it was tilted because I didn't have it positioned on the base properly, but I just have to ignore what my eyes are telling me ***GRIN***. Sure boils fast and I like that it sits on its base without snapping/clipping into place ... just lifts up like a cup off a counter. (cheaper-model cordless kettle at work is a health hazard because you have to hold the base down while trying to yank the kettle part off of it)

Now all I need is a bigger teapot ... ;p
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