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Just trying my first mugful and I must say, Knorr's new Yellow Soup is delicious. Green Soup is okay ... I've never been a huge fan of pea soup ... but the massive next-day energy boost it gives means I'll happily gulp it down when I've feeling a wee tad footdraggy (along with iron, the cooked spinach in the stuff delivers a hefty dose of revitalizing B vitamins).

Still have a carton of Orange Soup in the cupboard to try one of these days. Red Soup will have to wait until I can find somebody more heat-tolerant than me (which doesn't take much) to taste-test first and let me know just how "chili" the chili part of it is ... it'd be too disappointing to heat it up and discover I can't eat it without exploding every blood vessel in my face.

I've also sampled and adore their Broccoli Soup with Boursin Cheese and Rustic Vegetable & Potato Soup ... will eventually get 'round to trying out the other types.

I figure if I'm going to end up using convenience foods, I might as well pamper my tastebuds ... so far any Knorr product I've ever sampled has tasted like homemade and the ingredients lists bear absolutely no resemblence to a chemlab inventory. ;p And I don't even have to trek to the grocery store for these ... the drugstore behind the cop shop across the street stocks 'em. :-)

I even recently learned I can still get Knorr's just-add-hot-water soup-in-a-mug mixes to keep stashed in my desk at work ... something I had been mourning as discontinued for the last couple of years (I LOVED their potato/leek!). Well they were and they weren't ... I just have to either study the package illustrations VERY carefully or else invest in a Polish-English grocery dictionary, as the local Polish Deli is the ONLY place they're available and there isn't a scrap of English or French on the packets (not the same flavours as the former English-market varieties, but so far I've done okay ... according to an online Polish/English translator, onion soup with croutons and potato soup are now part of my emergency lunch rations)

Now if only they made desserts ...
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