JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A Burton treasure-trove

There's a few people on my f-list that I know may find something of interest here ...

Burtoniana.org is a site dedicated to making all of Sir Richard Burton's writings freely available online. This is not Burton the twentieth-century actor, but Burton the nineteenth-century explorer and writer ... equally notable and notorious in his own era and still quite a fascinating chap today. The larger proportion of the material available so far are his travel and anthropological/sociological writings, but there's also a nice selection of literary criticism, swordsmanship, sex, and anything else that took his fancy. And, of course, his not-sanitized-for-kiddies translation of the Arabian Nights.

If you've not encountered Burton before, I heartily recommend giving the site a browse ... if only for the fun of meeting a very non-typical Victorian. :-)
Tags: reading

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