JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Murphy's laws of the Internet?

Yesterday I spent some time working on the webpage: updating links, adding/correcting/updating links, and button/banner hunting to, whenever possible, make links that little bit more noticeable. Never ceases to amaze me that the siteowners/bloggers/whoevers who grumble/whimper/whine most about not being linked or publicized enough on other sites are the least likely to have taken the time to create a banner or button for their site that would make them more visible elsewhere than a mere text link would (we won't even discuss the massively conceited who do take the trouble to design something, and only one something, so massive that it would fill over one half of the largest monitor on the market and then wonder why nobody uses it). A shame, since I like banners instead of plain text links ... they give you a little curiosity-arousing tease as to what might lie beyond the click. Webcomics creators are, natch, the very best at providing these visuals (and often multiple choices of design and size, bless 'em!) which is why text links are so rare on that subsection of my page.

But I did luck out in a few places, so there's now some little "look at me" images added to the Fibre Arts & Hobbies section. Yeah, I started out in my current obsession-on-the-upswing, knitting, so they're clustered there, but there are a couple in other areas. I intend to work my way through all the subsections, image availability permitting (once in a while I'll take a larger header and reduce it down to banner size, but this takes time and most don't shrink well). And if any of you out there spot a linking image for a site I've got listed, by all means let me know and I'll get my own link prettied up.

Wonder how many I can hunt down today ... ???
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