JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Home and mostly dry ...

Hurrah for hair that's once again the colour that SHOULD be in my DNA!!!

And for yarn that matches it!

Which reminds me ... haircolouring historical trivia question for anotheranon ... long ago, in the early days of my LJ activity (which puts it late 2003/sometime in 2004), you mentioned, and posted a link to, an iridescent temporary hair colour that you had used/were pondering using. I mentioned it to my favourite multi-hair-hued post office clerk (the one who never has to see my ID for parcel pickup because she recognizes me) last time I saw her and complimented her current blue/green/yellow mix, and she'd love to know what the maker/brand is ... she didn't know iridescents existed. I've started working my way through your archive, looking for the post, but if you can recall it that'd be great ... (I do have Special Effects and Manic Panic in my "Shopping Outside the Mainstream" list, but neither of them have iridescent colour listed). TIA if you can remember ... and for your effort even if you can't! :-)
Tags: knitting, silliness

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