JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A lovely lazy day

20C today! Still some snow lingering on the ground, but the grass that was pretty much brown yesterday turned much greener overnight ... and there's been a huge jackrabbit (presumably this year's winner and owner of the courtyard) mooching about alternating napping and springfeasting over on the far side for most of the day; that's the east side and highest ground, so sunnier and drier but not ideal range for my only zooms 3x camera. The squirrels, looking a little scrawny, have also been scampering far more than I've seen 'em in ages ... doing their own bit of grass nibbling but mainly, I suspect, hopefully looking for forgotten food stash from the fall. Spotted one that's familiar from last year ... a female who sports a gray semi-circle 'round each front shoulder, giving her the appearance of wearing a vest over her fur (I know this one's gender because of watching her one day last summer as she transported a furiously protesting and struggling youngster the entire length of courtyard). And the robins were in full I-can-sing-loudest-so-I'm-toughest mode today, so my open windows brought me an all day concert, interspersed with the gossiping of magpies and crows and one other loudly calling bird that I couldn't identify.

Finished two books that have been sitting two-thirds read, and then picked up a long-neglected sock that's been knitted down to the ankle for ages and finally got the heel turned (this is one of those things that takes me a while, that I have to be alert to do, and that I have to accomplish all in one go ... losing my place/count means ripping out and starting over) ... now that that hard bit's done, the rest is clear sailing down to the toe and I may actually complete and wear the pair! (sock one has been finished for a while)

I've taken next week off, so shall have to see what other accomplishments the next nine days bring; Tuesday morning is already written off as long LONG overdue haircut and paintjob scheduled for then ... but there is a really nice yarn shop between the train station and the hairdresser ...

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