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New goodies!!!!

Such a happy event when I indulge myself in treats from Amazon.ca and the package finally arrives!

Watching the French black comedy "Delicatessen" (only available here on VHS) right now ... Jean-Pierre Jeunet's (known for "Alien Resurrection" and "Amelie") very first feature film. A delightful little tale of civilized cannibalism in post-apocalyptic France :-)

Then I have John Cleese's "Clockwise" (the tale of a schedule/clock-mad headmaster whose life falls apart on the day he misses a train) on DVD; the extras include a thirteen-minute interview with Cleese ... THAT ought to be good!

Finally, a novel that promises to be most intriguing ... Keith Hartman's first novel, "The Gumshoe, the Witch & the Virtual Corpse." Had to buy it because there isn't a library in Alberta that owns it ... SILLY LIBRARIES!!!!! Found out about it the way one finds out about all good things today ... accidentally while looking for something else on the Internet. I figger that any book that has won awards in the categories of mystery, science fiction and queer fiction has to have something going for it. And if I don't like it, I can always donate it to the local library ***grin*** But I doubt I'll give it up ... the author has been kind enough to post the entire first chapter at http://www.keith-hartman.com/GUMW.HTM and that sample was intriguing enough to make me cough up some cash. If it lives up to its promise, then I'll invest in the sequel.
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