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Assembling the ingredients ...

Today at work I received a book on knitting with silk that I'd ordered a little while back ... part of planning ahead for future stashbusting. Really! ;p

Some of you may recall that over the Christmas holidays I acquired this pretty stuff (Noro Taiyo: 40% cotton, 30% silk, 15% wool, 15% nylon).

Shortly after that I came across the absolute perfect garment that this yarn HAS to be made into ... I know it'll only turn nasty and tangly on me if I try to knit it into anything else. Behold: The Circle Vest! How could I possibly resist? So of course that required buying the book that the instructions are published in (I know from experience that library loans and renewals are NEVER long enough for we slow knitters). Not a single purpose purchase, of course ... there's a hefty section on the pros and cons of working with different silk and silk blend yarns, tips for handling them on the needles and caring for finished garments, etc., etc. And 19 other patterns ... I'm already in love with a scoop-necked, textured-houndstooth-patterned, sweatshirt-styled pullover (maybe next year ... or the year after ...)

And the project list keeps growing and growing and growing ...
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