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Those little encounters ...


Fun in a grocery line tonight, explaining frozen orange juice concentrate to the woman ahead of me, who spoke very little English. She'd thought that my odd little containers were "juice for children" and wanted to know if they were good; she was quite surprised once, with a little talk and a little mime on my part, she understood what they really were and that that kind tasted "fresh". Bet I know something that's going to be on her next shopping list. ;-)

Last night I dropped into the Asian Bakery across the street for some rice cakes ... YUM!!! Bit of a shock to be the only customer in the place because I've never ever seen it empty before ... you have to understand that this place is the size of a shoebox, has two narrow aisles framed by a wall cooler/freezer unit and three crammed to hazardous overflowing shelving units, plus the bakery counter at the back, and usually is overflowing with people (on Friday nights its true nature of TARDIS becomes obvious, as even more people are crammed into the place to wire money home to distant family). 'tis a little Mom, Pop & kids operation, with Mom back of the baked goods tonight ... my query of "Where's the crowd?" was met with laughter and she told me that it always went quiet for about three minutes around that time of day (so just freakish good timing on my part) and that's why her son was racing to mop the floor while he could see it. Then she wanted to know what I thought of the rice cakes and, by the time I'd used the words "delicious", "wonderful" and "dangerously addictive" in one sentence, she was beaming bright enough to dim the sun ... yes, she bakes them herself, fresh each day. :-) I'd always suspected 'cause they didn't have that "delivered" feel to 'em, but knowing just makes them even more Mmmmmm!
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