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Happy squeeing!

Season One of "The Hunger" finally has a DVD release date (June 2, 2009)!!! This anthology series varied in quality as far as the actual stories were concerned (although I don't recall any real stinkers ... just a range from "okay" to "great"), but the best, the very best, part was Terence Stamp's intros and outros to each tale ... those little snippets may be some of the best work he's ever done, just because he was obviously enjoying the outrageousness of them so much (I distinctly recall him in a black leather corset and other dominatrix accessories in one of them ***GRIN*** ... a far cry from the must-be-macho-at-all-costs persona of his younger days)

I should mention (for those who've never seen this series) that, despite the vampire-themed cover and the fact that it was inspired by the 1983 vampire film of the same name, fangs and bloodsucking wasn't what the series was about (although there was an excellent episode about a female war vet encountering a vampire fellow inmate in a psych ward) ... instead each story had as its theme one or more of the many hungers, physical and mental and emotional, that humans experience.

And for those who prefer fast-paced cop shows with lots of really good rock music, the original British series of "Life on Mars" is coming out on DVD in July!

More for my to-get list. :-)
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