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A couple of froggy bits ...

... from my copy of Tim Flannery's Throwim Way Leg: Tree-kangaroos, Possums and Penis Gourds. When I read these passages my first thought in both cases was that Flannery's descriptions would make a certain 'droid (and the rest of you too, I'm sure) smile.

One night, while spotlighting near the tents, I heard a loud scream. As I lifted my foot, I found a puffed up and very angry ball of a frog which I had inadvertently punched into the mud. It was black and covered in long, fingery papillae. It looked like nothing more than a black, prickly golf ball. I subsequently found another of these bizarre creatures in exactly the same way. They still remain unidentified.

And from later in the book, at a different research camp and time ...

Over the first few days we camped in the heath we were puzzled by a strange and whimsical call, resembling, I felt, the sound that a slightly tipsy maiden aunt might make were she pinched on the bottom by a favourite uncle at a family party. "Oooh," it went, at erratic intervals. The mystery caller was found on our first sunny day, when Alex spotted a tiny pink and black frog crawling over the sphagnum moss. It was no larger than the nail on my little finger, and was -- needless to say -- completely unknown to science.

Note: This book was published in 1998, so it's possible that these little New Guinea critters now have scientific names. Then again, the island being what it is, mebbe not ...
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