JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Hooded/pocketed scarf progress

With local temperatures about to plummet back to the minus twenties yet again, this project suddenly seems more important (and attainable) than the alpaca jacket (which, at best, will be available for next winter, not this one). One half of scarf now finished and on holder and ready to cast on and start the other half. Will definitely have to be blocked (pinned out flat while wet) to cure the edging's tendency to curl in over the cable (for the non-knitters, real wool has a memory and will stay in pretty much whatever shape it's blocked into ... until the next time it gets wet, and then you just reblock)

At least there are signs of spring indoors, even if outdoors looks to be gripped in a new ice age ... the first shamrock flower of the year peeked out today (there are three more buds hidden behind the leaves)

Tags: knitting

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