JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

'cause I'm in a combination silly/patriotic mood ...

... here's some classic funny Canuck listening for you: Luke's Guitar written and performed live by Stompin' Tom Connors, one of the great icons of Canadian music.

For those puzzling over his accent and manner of speech, Stompin' Tom is a Maritimer from Prince Edward Island, who spent his youth hitchhiking and oddjobbing his way to every nook and cranny of Canada, then wrote and recorded songs about the people, places, and history encountered on his travels. And if you're wondering about his nickname ... in places in the recording you'll be able to hear an odd percussion, which is Tom keeping his own beat with the heel of his boot; in his prime he was capable of putting a hole through a sheet of plywood in a single 1.5 hour live performance.

Tags: listening

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