JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Light, air, action!

Today was my department's first full day working in our new space! (technically we were there yesterday, but server and computers didn't start to properly be set up until noonish, so after arranging what we could, we all spent the morning helping shift shelf contents, washing the ancient grime off shelving, etc. in other areas). How wonderful to be in an open, well ventilated, well lit (not just more lights hanging from the ceiling, but four huge windows newly cut into the back wall of the building just for us!). Still not fully operational, as only two of our four printers are online so far; not IT's fault ... every time he tried to start working on them, somebody would appear and drag him off to one of the other offices that had also moved ... once he reaches the point of death threats for interruptions, which doesn't take long, he'll have 'em up and running in no time.

A few glitches along the way ... thanks to the city being inundated with a ton of wet snow and rain overnight and into this morning, with every street turned into a river and the ground still frozen and unable to absorb any of it, drains and sewers started backing up here and there. One of the theres being our beautiful shiny new staffroom. Ah well, at least we got to use it for yesterday afternoon's and this morning's breaks before it got put off limits for cleaning and repair. The zillion new washrooms temporarily out of bounds for the same reason, though as far as I know none of them actually flooded. So, now that we're at the very back of the warehouse instead of halfway back, an extra-long hike to the only functional bathroom facilities up in the front office area. Waiting until the last minute NOT recommended, as along with the distance there's the Phase 2 renovation zone between us and there. ;p

Will take some photos once things are a little more settled (and I actually remember to take my camera to work)

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