JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Well that was quick ... gotta love good, highspeed service

libwitch, apparently the reason catdesk doesn't appear on your webpage is because of the future dated posts I have at the beginning. Since nobody has said anything until now, I've just assumed that it was showing on friends pages all along but turns out it never ever has for anybody and won't as long as the intro and the ebooks list stay up top. But I promise to continue announcing new lists here, so you'll always know when one has been posted.

dustdaughter, Support says it's likely that I'm not seeing your posts for the same reason ... when you made the recent change to your LJ's status, did you put a future-dated post up front? If so, that's why you've gone invisible to me and, according to Support, to everyone else who had you on their friends list as well.

Silly silly computers .... ;p

EDITED TO ADD: Well, that was easy once I knew the situation. Information from the future-dated posts at the top of catdesk has been relocated to the Profile page and I've manually undone the "date out of order" checkbox for the last six months (both steps are necessary), so now those lovely booklists should be appearing on the Friends pages of the "subscribers"! All the better to tempt you with, m'dears. ;-)

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