JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Just so my buddies know ...

... there may be some friendslist wonkiness going on in LJ. dustdaughter's posts for the last week or so haven't been showing up on my friends page (but I can see them if I go to her LJ), and libwitch is having a similar problem with catdesk not showing up on her friends page ... in both cases all the settings for viewing are correct, just that nothing's happening. I recall that anotheranon had the same thing crop up a long while ago, with several friends suddenly either seeing only some or none of her posts, and that LJ had to fix something or other.

LJ has these instructions posted in their Troubleshooting section ... personally I habitually clear the cache on my computer weekly, plus I have the settings adjusted to look for a new version of every webpage and not to use the cache, but ya gotta be able to tell 'em you did this before contacting support. I'll also be checking all my buddies' LJs direct over the next couple of days to see if there's anybody else whose posts I've not been seeing, just in case this is a wider spread problem ... I'll let you know if you, too, are part of the lovely online weirdnessnessnessness.

Funfunfun! :p

EDITED TO ADD: Okay, as catdesk, I've reported libwitch's inability to see my new posts on her friends page to LJ Support. I've also asked them to let me know if they'd prefer the nonviewable reports to come from those who can't view ... I'll post it here in my LJ if it turns out that's what they'd prefer.

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