JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Rainbow Jacket progress report

Woohoo! Finished the patterning part of the jacket's left front ... now just have to knit the front border and cast off, then I can switch over the to the left back stitches that are currently on a holder (you can see the left front collar on the righthand side of the photos ... the shiny bit of gold-coloured metal that looks like a giant safety pin is the stitch holder containing the back stitches). Once I reach the centre of the back, it's leave those stitches on a holder while I start the right side of the jacket from the cuff upwards ... once that piece is also completed, the final rows of stitches of the two sections will be grafted together down the back. As usual, clicky on thumbnails to see more detail.

Exciting bonus photo: Kaffe Fassett-designed sock yarn I purchased last week. Supposed to knit up to look like this ... we're talking socks I'll be able to find in the dark with my eyes closed ***GRIN***

Tags: knitting

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